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Airport Counter

We partner directly with airlines to revolutionize the air-travel experience

Step by Step

Here are the simple steps it takes to integrate with Rebus! With Rebus support along each step of the way, we can deliver a clear and efficient collaborated experience to help your company transition for growing travel demands. Reach out today for more information.

Receive a Proposal

After the initial contact, a proposal will be sent for review. Proposal will detail business operations and integration methods more in depth. 


Review Legal

After accepting the proposal, legal documents will be reviewed and signed into an agreement between Rebus and the affiliated airline.  


Tablets & Training

Next, our user-friendly tablet interface is sure to please with quick and simple inputs that won't take up much space or time from airline associates and management. A tutorial and training will be available for all personnel impacted. 


Deploy & Grow

Finally, Enjoy the new way of travel! Expand necessary technologies to accommodate more or reach out to find ways to customize your infrastructure options.

Let's Work Together

Please email us at

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